Hardware and software from a single source:
The perfect combination

Are you interested? Great! We would like to introduce you to our offer, consisting of reliable tracker functions and the customer-specific dashboard. If your personal interests are not met, you are welcome to contact us directly.

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Compact, sophisticated and safe:
The Tracingo Tracker

The tracker can be easily attached to your IBC with the practical mounting aid. Thanks to the powerful batteries, it provides reliable data. The built-in premium sensors record exclusive information on filling level, location, temperature or shock even in areas with a high explosion hazard (ATEX).

Your tracker benefits:

  • ATEX certification for areas with a high explosion hazard
  • Encrypted, secure data recording
  • Exact filling level measurement with innovative measuring method (patent pending)
  • Accurate localization, indoors and outdoors (GNSS)
  • Permanent temperature overview for high-value goods
  • Immediate shock notification in the event of imbalance or similar events

Individual and reliable:
The Tracingo Dashboard

The web-based Tracingo Dashboard helps you to transform the collected data into a reliable basis for effective savings and optimization measures. Our platform is all about your needs. You select the reporting categories and update intervals individually and also determine alerts and notifications.

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Your dashboard benefits:

  • Customized and adaptable features
  • Intuitive and easy handling
  • Updates available in real time
  • Map display with “points of interest” and geofencing
  • Custom alerts & notifications
  • Full process transparency for monitoring and optimization